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GE Appliance & Lighting spans the globe as an industry leader in major appliances, lighting and integrated industrial equipment, systems and services. Providing solutions for commercial, industrial and residential use in more than 100 countries, GE Appliance & Lighting uses innovative technologies and ecomaginationSM, a GE initiative to aggressively bring to market new technologies that help customers and consumers meet pressing environmental challenges, to deliver comfort, convenience and electrical protection and control. General Electric (NYSE: GE), imagination at work, sells products under the Monogram®, Profile™, GE®, Hotpoint®, SmartWater™, Reveal® and Energy Smart® consumer brands, and Entellisys®, Tetra®, Vio™ and Immersion® commercial brands.

GE’s Candidate Data Privacy Guidelines

The Candidate Data herein is to be used for GE’s legitimate HR purposes.  Any other use is strictly forbidden and is in direct conflict with GE’s Candidate Data Protection Standards.

Click on the link below to view GE’s Candidate Data Privacy Guidelines…

Further information on GE’s Online Questionnaires:

The benefits of pre-screening questionnaires are that they assess a candidate’s fit to competencies and skills identified as most important for a given role.  A candidate’s responses are then compared to the essential competencies and/or skills which have been highlighted in a comprehensive job analysis and an overall score is calculated.  The outcome of the questionnaire is based on an automated process to maximize consistency and speed.

Only those candidates whose responses demonstrate that they meet the competencies and/or skills for the target production position for which they applied, will be invited to proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process.  Candidates not invited will however have the opportunity to be considered for other GE opportunities or you may reapply to other positions in GE through the GE Careers web site:

Please refer to the Candidate Data Privacy Guidelines above if you have further questions or for information concerning the outcome of the questionnaire process.

Please be aware that following our application process requires you to apply no more than once per application period. You may file another application only after the requisite reapply time has passed, which is 60 days.  If you applied in the past 60 days, please do not submit another application.  Failing to follow this requirement and filing multiple applications (particularly under false pretenses, such as multiple ID numbers) before the reapply period has elapsed is grounds for immediate disqualification from the process.

Please be accurate and complete in filling out this application.  The individual applying for the position must complete the application personally.  If you are the person applying for this position, please proceed.

If you have already applied to GECI but would like to continue your application, please click HERE.  Please note that you are welcome to log out and back in as necessary in order to complete your application.  To log back in you will need to use the phone number, birth month, and birth day that you provided in your initial application.

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